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Article provided by: Law Offices of Garrett T Ogata

Every person deserves the protection of their legal human rights in every crime. Our legal system works by assuming you’re innocent until proven guilty. Criminal lawyers argue for your innocence or for the minimum penalty possible. If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada, contact Garett T. Ogata.

What differentiates a criminal lawyer from other lawyers?

These days, you can find attorneys for pretty much anything, from personal injuries to immigration. Criminal lawyers practice an area of law we call ‘criminal law’ that deals with serious crimes like murder, rape, drug trafficking, and assault amongst other crimes. Other lawyers such as divorce or real estate lawyers come under ‘civil law’ which deals with things like divorces, custody battles, land disputes, etc.

Usually, criminal lawyers deal with more heinous crimes, and the punishments are harsher, often leading to jail time, hefty fines, probation, or in the worst case, the death penalty. Civil lawyers deal with disputes between businesses or individuals, and the crimes are not as harsh as in criminal law. The punishment for civil crimes usually involves compensation for the wronged party, and jail time is not as common as in criminal law.

Hence, since criminal offenses involve severe crimes and harsher punishments, you must receive great legal representation. In some highly publicized cases, people have received undeserved harsh sentences. That’s because they couldn’t prove their innocence while others got away on a technicality, with the assistance of a great lawyer.

How should I seek a criminal lawyer?

It’s okay if you can get recommendations from those you trust, such as friends, family, or colleagues. If you have other lawyers you know well, such as a divorce lawyer, they might know other great criminal lawyers.

Of course, the internet is also a great source where you can find extensive databases full of lawyers near you. Every practicing lawyer must be a member in your state’s bar association, so that’s also a great place to look.

You must find a lawyer in your town or city, who knows the local courthouses and local law enforcement officials well. They will know how harsh the judges are and what evidence you need to convince them for a lesser punishment. Contact me if you need a criminal lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How to pick out the best criminal lawyer

With something as serious as criminal law, there’s no substitute for proper research. Hence, you should ideally have a list of several lawyers and narrow it down. Make a list of important questions you need to ask them.

The most important one is how much experience they have and if they dealt with this particular offense before. Then, inquire about their success rate and if possible, contact past clients to see what they have to say. Finally, you should clarify the total cost and any additional fees they charge.

Are you seeking for a qualified and experienced criminal lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada? Get a free consultation with Garrett T. Ogata to learn how he can assist you in your case.

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