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Article provided by: Winton & Hiestand Law Group PLLC

Injury Attorney Louisville

Accidents happen. However, some of these accidents, more often than not, can be avoided. If you’ve had an accident that you think is due to negligence and is looking for an injury attorney in Louisville, Winton & Hiestand Law Group is the best fit for you.

What does an injury attorney do?

An injury attorney is a person who offers legal representation to people who involved in an accident. Injury attorneys pursue compensation on your behalf resulting from negligent and intentional actions.

We have the experience, dedication, and proven knowledge to handle a variety of injuries and accident-related cases in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio. We provide highly efficient and effective representation for our clients, ensuring you receive the maximum possible compensation after your injury.

Types of injury cases

There are various types of injury cases requiring an injury attorney in Louisville. These include auto accidents, wrongful deaths, premises liability, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, Dram shop, tractor-trailer accidents, and social host liability cases.

Immediately after we become your injury firm of choice, we get to work getting you quality medical care. We obtain your medical records for evaluation as soon as possible and offer our assistance, in case you need help, to identify and gain access to high-quality doctors. We know that getting high-quality medical care early on is critical to your recovery.  We also understand the importance of keeping the lines of communication between us, the lawyers, you, and the healthcare provider open.

How an injury attorney helps your claim

Getting a professional injury attorney can drastically increase your chances of winning your case. A good attorney brings the following to the table:

  • Experience – injury attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating claims and getting the maximum compensation from insurance companies for their clients. We also specialize in high-dollar injury claims which we have on multiple times without going to trial.
  • Case value – an injury attorney can review your case an estimate the potential value of your settlement. In this way, you can decide if your case value is worth the cost of attorney fees or not. No matter what you choose, you will receive a free consultation from a trained professional, one that will allow you to make an educated decision.
  • Evidence – an injury attorney helps you to gather evidence that you would have a hard time gathering on your own. Your injury attorney will get in touch with witnesses for sworn statements, retrieve any surveillance footage available, etc. 
  • Identifying parties responsible and sources of compensation – an injury attorney is able to find sources of compensation and identify other parties accountable for your injuries that would not be obvious to you. In this way, you get a more substantial compensation at the end of the day.

If you are struggling with deciding whether handling the case on your own or hiring an injury attorney in Louisville is your best course of action, contact Winton & Hiestand Law Group and schedule your free initial consultation.   

Injury Attorney Louisville

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