Pedestrian Accidents attorney georgia

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Article provided by: Joshi & Patel, LLC

Pedestrian Accidents attorney georgia

At JP Attorneys, our lawyers AJ Joshi and PK Patel, specialize in pedestrian accident rights. State laws supporting pedestrian rights can be extremely confusing, and car insurance schemes can have complex limitations and exclusions. Our pedestrian accidents attorney in Georgia has helped clients recover millions of dollars in damages.

Determine fault in a pedestrian accident case

A car driver can be determined ‘at fault’ if he hits a pedestrian while running a stoplight, or if he fails to stop at a crosswalk, or for making a right turn at a red light, etc. To determine fault in a personal injury claim, the law of negligence determines the ‘at fault’ party in a pedestrian accident.

The law requires all parties involved in an accident to have exercised a reasonable level of care and caution when walking or driving on the road. When Person X fails to follow road rules or fails to exercise reasonable care and ends up causing injuries to Person Y, the law automatically considers Person A negligent. Similarly, if the driver tries his level best to avoid hitting the pedestrian, but ends up crashing into parked cars or another oncoming vehicle, the pedestrian must bear all damages to the vehicles and the injuries to the driver. Make sure to hire a personal injury lawyer in Georgia to help you file a claim.

Things to do after a pedestrian accident

If you meet with a pedestrian accident, get medical help and call the police immediately. At this point, you must also get an attorney and call your auto insurance providers and give them truthful statements on what happened and how the accident took place. If he or she is not incapacitated, exchange contact and insurance information with the injured.

Remember that you must refrain from talking extensively with the people involved in the accident or their family members. Be extra careful not to make statements like ‘I feel guilty,’ ‘It’s my fault,’ ‘I should have been more careful,’ etc. to the injured. They can file a personal injury lawsuit and use such statements against you in court. Make sure to hire one of the best Georgia pedestrian accident lawyers before you call the pedestrian’s insurance company. 

The average settlement for a pedestrian hit by a car

If you met with a pedestrian accident and have enough evidence to prove that you suffered injuries due to the negligence of the driver, you can claim damages. The compensations that you will receive will depend on the severity of your injuries and losses. Your medical bills during doctor visits become the focal point for calculating your damages. You may also claim damages for other factors like the nature and extent of your pain, lost wages, mental suffering you endure in connection to your injuries, etc.

Are you in search of free lawyers for pedestrian accidents? Call JP Attorneys today to schedule a case evaluation, the best pedestrian accidents attorney in Georgia. Our contingency fee lawyer for pedestrian accidents can guard your rights and save you from settling for mediocre damages offered by the defendant’s insurer.

Pedestrian Accidents attorney georgia

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